Sunday, July 24, 2011

Offshore accounts are like parking a stolen car in other’s garage, which has no value after being parked. It’s just a waste of being stolen. It will just become a cause of being called crook anyway. Same is with excess looted money, which has no value after being deposited in offshore banks. It will never or rarely get withdraw & bring back into the hometown for personal use anyway because there always a fear of being caught in doing so.
I would like to share a story of Mr........, who was the respectable chairman in the trust of a holly temple founded for the purpose of providing facilities to the followers coming for the blessings of the GOD but mainly for charity purpose for the betterment of the human beings as well as the nature. Having a power of chairman, he used to steal most of the money of the trust for his personal welfare. It became his habit. Although he had stolen enough money for his luxurious lifestyle but he cannot stop doing all this because of his habit and hiding his sins. Whatever money he used to stole from that holly trust, he was forced to deposit all his sins (Money) in some other trust situated far from his location from being afraid of caught one day without knowing of a fact that this money (which he stole can be used for the betterment of society) was of no use to him also in the future. He cannot bring back that money in his home, he cannot enjoy that money at all. Now that money will be used by that deposited trust for there own society’s betterment. After all at the end many years later he started feeling the guilt of being a traitor in his own eyes for no benefit. The benefit of that stolen money is being lent to others but the guilt of being felt traitor is borrowed from the act.
Sharing my own experience in regard with offshore accounts, which in my case is replaced with allmirah is as follows. when I was a kid, I was very fond of collecting and stealing different kind of pens. Every branded or attractive pen fascinates me. It always urge my feeling to have that pen. As I was not financially complete, so I did not afford to buy it. The last option remains with me was to steal that pen & I did it always. I had gathered more than 50 pens at my home. I stored all pens in my allmirah but used only 1 or 2 pens in 5 to 6 years time span. When I checked all pens after a couple of years later most of the pens were not working at all. Now those pens were not more than a waste for me. If I had understood my requirements before and controlled my emotions of being fascinated than those pens would be used optimally by other needy people, which are now a mere waste for all. I did not use that pens at all but still I became a thief and a traitor in my own eyes. And when by any chance the actual owners of the pen will come to know the truth, then I will be proved traitor in whole society also without using the stolen pens.
In the month of June 2011, we had encountered a situation of hunger strike by Mr. Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev and many other activists against an inbuilt monster corruption. They all showed their revolt against government to stop corruption. This act gained lot of popularity among people of India and will make lot of changes in Indian constitution as well. But According to me only hunger strike or revolt against a government will not make any real changes to end corruption but surely a strike will earn you lot of popularity. Corruption will surely end when we all come to know the difference between wealth & excess money. Money will never go along with anyone at the end. We came alone and will go alone but surely excess looted money will make our loved ones & Children sick in life, as they will never understand the value of money, relation and human beings. It will surely make them dependent & lazy in life. They will never know the real meaning of life. They will never understand austerity or prosperity & other emotions as well.