Monday, January 23, 2006

Jealousy seems to be a bad word. All of us advised not to jealous from anyone coz jealous not give anything but a mere destruction. Every one suggested not to jealous from any one. It will not give you anything b'coz its all about destiny that people get success and fame in life. Yes, I agree that its about destiny. But if we donot do anything and put every thing on destiny then destiny will not work for us. Coz destiny help those who help himself. So one have to perform his duties. Now from my point of view a jealousy is also a part of success. If you don't feel jealous with your competitor then how will you work hard to beat him, how will you make extra efforts to become better than your competitor. But you must know that a jealousy is also of two types. A jealousy which makes you destructive is harmful for you and for others also. Then you will try not to work hard but to assault your competitor physically or mentally. This type of jealousy is really a bad act that i committed. But here i am talking about a harmless jealousy. which certainly will make u hard worker. It certainly will build a strong determination in your mind to beat anyone. If you feel jealous then you will try to work hard to become better then your competitor in any field. So I don't feel that a harmless jealousy is a bad act. One must have to feel jealous to become better than others. These are my view points. May be others will not agree with me but i again say its merely my view points.


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