Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tension!!! A word when occurs in any mind creates only tension. A tension who will make you loose your temper, Who will make you sad or some times cut you from the outer world. The cause of tension is may be financial matter, may be family matter or may be anything but the reaction will be same. Tensions are increasing rapidly in this speedy world. No one is free from tensions. A tension which makes you feel tired, makes you feel irritated from every thing. Even a Miss World looks like a UGLY woman to you. Tension never allow to think anything also. In tension a person feel like a " Struggling boat in a sea storm." One may think is life is ruined. But let me tell you that all will happen only with those who don't have courage to fight against tensions or problems. A courageous (brave) man knows how to overcome any storm (tension) in life.
Now a reality All though tension is hurting and painful but a real success will come only after a tension. A success will come only when you take TENSION of being successful in life. Without taking tension nothing will happen. You will always remain an ordinary man as most of the people in this world. A special is one, who overcome every tension by considering it as oppurtunity. As great MR. DHIRUBHAI AMBANI (Who was most successful business man of INDIA, a founder of first Indian Private Co, RELIANCE & also my Ideal. Who left this world but not my heart as well as my mind also) always said that,"In Every Adversity lies an Oppurtunity, If you can dream it Then you can do it." and let me tell you it is 101% true. B'coz only a tension (Adversity) will teach you how to become successful in life. A person who don't care for tension while having a tension will not bother for anything in life. He will not make efforts to solve matters, If any. May be thinking of solve by GOD itself. Only that person which have care for tension in his mind try to think about it and also try to solve the tension.
But tension as a successful tool will be possible only for those who Think Positive. So the main funda is," Think positive & Be optimistic." Tension is nothing but a exam drawn by GOD. Which we have to solve by our positive and intellectual attitude.
I heard most of people in this world saying Don't take tension, Don't take tension, tension is not good for your carrier as well as for your health. But I say tension is bad for those who think negative & tension will be helpful by keeping positive attitude in your mind.
In short I can say that No doubt A tension may cause headache, loss of hunger and even imbalanced mind but tension will also lead to new discoveries, new ways & new products.
That's what I think of Tension. In my point of view tension is necessary for getting things done. So one need to take tension but only with positive attitude.
( Dedicated to my elder brother VIPIN J. TALWAR. Today (15th Feb) his birthday. Who's been a all time source of inspiration and incouragement to me. I Love You Brother. May GOD bless him with eternal peace of soul in heaven.)


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