Wednesday, August 05, 2009


“Think Aggressively but Wisely”

Unbearable, Unforgettable dark night following a brighter day for those who not only survive but comes up with Innovative new ideas with Far sighted approach. When others are praying for an end of the recession taking a very cautious and blocked approach for the future time.
Yes it is the recession time that makes many aggressive minds cautious. Recession, the word only creates panic in all economic minds. Recession makes many people helpless. In recession time very less people have far sighted approach to look in to the future time. Every business gets a hit in the recession time except only saints.
According to my level of mind, Recession is the only time when any open eye dreamer has a good opportunity to start making efforts to make his dreams come true because of the low competition in the world. So, recession is the best time to start new venture, new business for all those energetic people who believes that, “In every adversity lies an opportunity, if you can dream it then you can do it.” Reason for this is the time when every government looks forward to save and recover their economies from the dark side by giving all kinds of aids to the industries and to the public. But I didn’t say that you would be on top of the business in recession time. However you will get a start to rock in recovery period or in progression time. When you initially get the experience of the darker side of the business then you will easily avail all the opportunities coming for you to achieve the brighter side of the business because once you come to know the depth of the river, you will have a good chance to come out from all the hindrances coming in your path by swimming in the river to reach the bank. As also one proverb proofs that, “Be fully fit at the right time & anything is possible.” In recession time one will get all the needed experience to form the strategies in the future time whether be it recession or progression.
I have a good example to back my words. I am working as stock market trader. I had started my career five years back in the time of Bull Run all over the world. No doubt, I had made enough money. But my experience in market was incomplete because I had seen corrections in market not bear phase. If I did had the experience of bear phase I wouldn’t loose all my capital now in this glooming phase. Believing on my capabilities if I have started my career in this phase I will not loose all my capital in the market so easily because I am confident enough that Indian stock market has lot of potential in the future course time, Except the political uncertainties. On uncertainties issues I must say that risk involves in every business every time whether it is recession or progression. According to my sense thinking of the risk involves in the future time we should not stop thinking positive for the future time and else remains with the God. I am here to work hard & I will do it till my end. So I will definitely earn lot of return on my investments now in the future time of recovery or progression. I will be ripping fruit from my hard work in coming time. It is only the time matters. Nothing stays still & Time never remains the same as also the economies.
Now the big question arises? Whether I have applied these words in my life or I am just imagining. The answer is Yes I do. I have taken an initiative to write an article on recession. If you people will read and apply this in your career then I will definitely be getting name & fame. From people I mean only energetic, encouraging and motivating minds.
At the end I must say that you people should take positive and far sighted approach in your career to achieve the higher end of it. Think big, think vast but you must be determined enough to work hard and always think from your mind. This is the key to success. “Success will come when preparation meets opportunity.”



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