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“If you have the belief to choose your own road,
If you have the courage to stay on it,
If you have the conviction to surmount the rough stretches,
If you do…… you will find that the road begins to follow you.”

MR. DHIRUBHAI AMBANI respectfully and regardfully justifies these lines very well. Whenever any one thinks of MR. DHIRUBHAI AMBANI, the first thought comes to mind is strong determinated thinking with no negative bias. The qualities which possess MR. DHIRUBHAI AMBANI are far sightedness, strong determinated thinking, positive attitude, willingness to do impossible, understanding human psychology, dare to think big etc. He does not create this big vast first private Indian company by mere chances. He has given his day and nights for building his big reliable enterprise. But that doesn’t mean his fate didn’t play any role in his success. His fate also plays a role to become most successful man in this universe. Because he had the courage and strong determination which provides him blessings of the almighty. If he did not think as big as he is then what the almighty can do for him. There is popular saying that,” God help those, who help themselves.” He had the patience to use the right time for his goodness and success. He did not wait for the success to come without his hard working efforts. He had worked very hard to achieve the success.

“Patience will pay only when you are trying otherwise patience pays for what?”

I have heard many people saying that don’t worry, Have patience! Have patience!! Patience will pay. I also agree with that but patience will pay only when you are trying but if you are not trying hard then what the patience will do for you. Lying idle will not pay anything. You have to make efforts to get paid. The same had been proved by MR. DHIRUBHAI AMBANI. If he didn’t give his hard working efforts then he will not be more than a cloth trader or attendant at the gas station in Yemen. He dares to think of his big vast empire only then he is able to create it. If he also thinks like a common man then nobody will remember him as the business king of the Indian industry. For reaching that position where MR. DHIRUBHAI AMBANI is sitting today is not achieved by sudden flights or impulse, it is achieved by the series of efforts working together.

“The heights by great men reached and kept,
Were not attained by sudden flights,
But they, while their companions slept,
Were toiling upwards in the night.”

He has that special ability to influence human nature to invest in his ideas and dreams. He always understands the human psychology that helps him to mold everyone according to his interest. He is the first one who convinces the general public to invest in his private company. Undoubtedly he was a true warrior in a business sense. He has made his enterprise too big and too vast that today RELIANCE group has prominent place in business world of India. No doubt LEGENDARY MR. DHIRUBHAI AMBANI IS A NATION’S PRIDE.

“Not gold, only man can make,
A people great and strong,
Men who, for truth and honor’s sake,
Stand fast and suffer long,
Brave men who work when others sleep,
Who dare while other fly,
They build a nation’s pillar deep,
And left them to the sky.”

Sadly we have lost the LEGEND & NATION’S PRIDE MR. DHIRUBHAI AMBANI physically on that horrifying date 6 July 2002 but in my point of view he (LEGEND) is still alive not physically but as a motivation and inspiration in all struggling hearts and active brains.

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