Thursday, December 01, 2011

“Patience Will Pay”

Patience or forbearing is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances. This word is commonly used by dear one’s or well wishers to console others under difficult circumstances or in time of adversity. It is always helpful as a motivation to release the undue pressure. “Have Patience! Patience will pay” the first motivating lines used by us to console others and helping them to overcome any adverse situation and to release the pressure to work & think positively now on. So, we can say that very useful lines to shorten some burden or release some pressure to act wisely. Any one who is facing any financial instability or uncertainty, physical weakness, mental turbulence or imbalance, personal family disturbance, professional incompetency etc are always consoled by well wishers in a same way to have patience, time will change everything and your patience will pay. Very truly patience is a key to success. But having patience and doing nothing will never result in success but will always ends in desperation. So, I have tried to positively complete this quote by adding few words afterwards. Although the quote is extremely positive and optimistic in nature but I have added few lines to make it realistic bitter motivational quote. Following is the change I have made to the statement:-

“Patience will pay, only when you are trying otherwise patience pays for what!”

As it is very clear from my composition that patience will definitely rewards back, it is never like wasting the time but only on one condition of continuously working on projected target. Lying idle, doing nothing and still hoping that my patience should reward me back as I am waiting from quite long time is totally thinking crap. Patience doesn’t mean lying idle but still thinking positively that my patience will pay. Patience mean constant efforts toward the desired aim without being aggressive, sad, short tempered, adamant, hopeless and pessimistic on the way to achievement. The time we think patience as a waiting period instead of working or effort period is the time of patience converting into a sheer desperation. That is the time we loose real hope, that is the time we accept our failure permanently, that is the time we start thinking pessimistically, that is the time of volatile behavior, that is the time of irritating nature, that is the we hate life and world around us, that is the time we have a heart full grudges for GOD. Efforts are positively correlated with patience as patience with success.

Basically patience is strength and it never dies. If it dies in desperation then it is not patience. It is a revolt against an almighty power to grant in favor of us. It is not like giving time to ourselves to work in accordance to our desired aim rather giving time to GOD by praying and pleasing him everytime to grant in favor of us. For more clarifications, if we imagine we are standing at one shore of the river and our aim is next opposite shore of the river means to cross the river. We are also blessed a paddle boat by the grace of GOD to reach the next shore. But now if we only sit still in a boat and don’t want to put any efforts, not even try to move a single paddle but still keeping our patience intact for the wait of a wave in a right direction to reach our desired aim (shore) is not called patience rather it is dependence on nature (uncontrollable events). You never know it will happen or not. If yes, then when will it happen or how it will happen. If no, then it ends in desperation. Also we never know where this wave can lead us but surely not exactly on our desired aim. If we surely want to reach or achieve our desired aim, then we have to put lot of efforts while keeping our patience intact and maintaining our focus & light temperament to overcome every adverse situation very calmly in between to reach our final destination. So in a nutshell, we all should understand the real meaning of patience as an effort period rather than wait period to act calmly and continuously by keeping our nerves in positive control to achieve our desired aim.


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