Friday, August 13, 2010

Intellectuality parity Luck: Both incomplete alone

I asked many what you think is the foremost thing needed to become successful in life. Is it intellectuality or Luck? I got mixed answers. Many struggling or struggled said it is only depends upon luck to be successful, some arrogant and proud said everything depends upon intellectual power; luck word is used only by losers. Now it depends upon you people what you think of it. If asked from me, I would definitely want to share my experience by mixing on the point that to become really successful in life you need to have both of them, Intellectuality as well as Luck. Success is ungetable without existence of any of both. Although intellectuality and luck are very much different in nature as intellect is a continuous learning process with concentrated manner of reality. (Reality means of real life, business, emotions, human psychology etc) and a strong ability to try to cope up with any adverse situation. Where as luck is always God gift. It is like a magical power which will turn soil into gold. But not always supported. It will leave you shattered with no mercy when encounters arrogance and proud, then the results will be very severe and destructive, Even a gold turns into soil. So, the results derieved from both of them working together will only achieve real success. But they have to move by joining hand to hand for the best desired results. Non existence of any of them will lead to pain only. As a famous proverb said, “Success only comes, when preparation meets opportunity.”

Definitely here preparation represents intellectual preparation and opportunity represents luck oriented opportunity. You can’t benefited from alone preparations for your well being without getting any opportunity for. As same as you can not make full use of opportunity received without a preparation for make it done.

Thinking differently on both, when a person possesses intellectuality with no luck will definitely not make his dreams true. Whatever be the strategic plan of his, will always find discrepancy in the last. He can only feel contempt about his hard work and intellectuality to become successful in coming future one day but not real success. As an example we can take cricket, football, hockey players etc into consideration. There is lot of talented players living in every country might be in millions but only eleven got chance to play for the nation. That doesn’t mean they are extra talented in their fields and others are not but the difference is only about luck. Those eleven players have combination of both intellectuality and luck which others don’t have.

Now talking about luck alone will definitely give you an upper hand but a desired results will only be achieved by the intellectuality to take it further. No doubt if you are lucky, then you will get things granted but how many times? At last will have to suffer a lot because of a empty base. A man can be lucky once, twice, thrice but not always. Human psychology is like, if he start believing in his luck then the rate of taking blind chances will be at peak, if ever he only misses one then there is no stop till the bottom. As an example we can take a card players or stock market traders into consideration. We’ll take stock market trader, if he ever encounter before a situation when whatever he buys at any rate the stock climbs up in no time and whatever he sells at any rate the stock tumbles down in no time then because of luck, the temptation in his mind will increase his capability of taking incredible risk in every trade. Which will ultimately becomes the reason of severe and destructive results for him one day. The truth is even a luckiest person in this world can not be blindly lucky every time. One needs to have intellectuality to handle luck.

So, in the end from above shared views this thing is very much cleared from my side that success only comes when intellectuality meets luck at the same time. It is like two sides of the coin for the existence of it. But that doesn’t mean that people should stop putting efforts or stop taking risk at non existence of any. I would definitely want to add a suggestion that, “An intellectual person never leaves everything on luck and a luckiest person should never leaves intellectuality for achieving best desired results.”



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