Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Realty: - Open eye dreams needs open mind to become reality otherwise dreams remain dreams.

One big reality of life is dreams and will they come true or just remain dreams is the big question? Here I am talking about open eye dreams. Dreams are what we think to get in future life. Dreams are what who makes ourselves happy. Everyone in this world have different kinds of dreams. No one is in this world, who don’t have dreams except only insane. Different people have different dreams but a common dream of all the people of world is to become Rich & Famous in life. I must say there are only few from trillions who don’t think to become rich and famous. Almost every person has this dream at one corner of his heart. Who so ever a person denies the fact for the feeling of becoming rich and famous but in reality one and another corner of his heart has the dream to get lots of money and fame. But only few from them can fulfill or achieve their dreams. Some of them put all the efforts to achieve their dream or many of them leaves all to the GOD. Isn’t it foolish? That dream is yours but the needed effort has to be done by the God. God can only give mental or moral strength but the effort is all yours. Everyone saw some dreams but only few achieves them the reason for not achieving their dreams is that they put 100% of their efforts to dream about but the needed effort or output to make dreams a reality is not 100% by all the people. Most of them leave everything to god that he only can make the dreams come true and our duty is to only wait and watch. How amusing? They just want to do their normal routine of putting efforts according to their normal earnings and nothing more than that to make dreams come true. The effort is nothing but the dream is still intact try to console himself to have patience have patience. But let me tell you all the people thinking the same that Patience will pay only when you are trying otherwise patience pays for what? I have heard lot of people saying that it all depends upon luck to get anything in life. I agree! But can you tell me that without any effort or output what your luck proves to be. Common saying is that luck and God help those who help themselves. Only thinking of the dreams can’t help you to achieve them, it needs lot of effort and hard work. I do agree with the sayings that some people have good luck they always get with the grace of god whatever they want in life. But it is like firing in a dark, if it hits then well and very good otherwise hard luck. So, I am agreeing that exceptions are always there and I am also not saying that those who always put 100% of their efforts to achieve their dreams are successful. They can also lag behind but the reason is not bad luck. It is because some how, some where they did choose a wrong step. Those who come to know that will one day surely get success. So according to me, if you have some dreams to fulfill them the path is not easy. One has to work very hard and put 100% of their effort always. No careless is awarded and learn from your mistakes instead of get dishearten. Life never gives second same chance. So, make most of the first chance.


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