Thursday, December 31, 2009



Can you imagine life without money???? That’s sick, bull shit, no need to live!!!!! That’s gone be the answer. It’s like a group of persons sitting on a raft in a high tide river without paddlers, you never know how you going to end, where you going to end, when you going to end but surely it’s going to end in very drastic way. I need to know the truth from you all people that don’t you need money to live healthy life? I know that your answer will be only yes. You will also be agreeing with my point that money is the first needed thing to live the life. You can’t think life without money. Then why most of the people in this world try to console that money is secondary in life. Money is not everything. We can live life without money. But How!!! Have you ever think book without a writer, pen without ink etc. No, not possible. Everyone needs money to lead their lives. You can only live your life, No i think will only be allowed to lead your life with money. I must say that everyone dreams about lots of money in their life, but very few can make it true. Money acts like a engine in a car as same a car cannot move without a engine, life also cannot move without money. Can you ever think of getting livelihood without money? Silly question isn’t it. You always need money to get your bread & butter. If you don’t have money then certainly you have to beg for the survival & it’s not always about livelihood but it’s also about respect, humanization etc. have you ever heard or saw any body giving respect to the poor beggars or footpathers. Except only few.

Now the question arises is money everything? Then yes money is everything but with the blend of humanization. Not on the cost of deceive. Everyone one has a right to earn money with his hard work but on hard work not on deceived work. If you earn money by deceiving not only other people but also yourself then it will not make you feel content. Don’t you ever try to earn money by loosing your self respect? You will have to show your face to god one day and then you will not be able to answer for your guilt. Always try to earn the primary aspect of life i.e. money with hard work not on the cost of loosing your happiness & contentment. If you try to earn deceived money, the pleasure, happiness and enjoyment given by that money will purely be short-lived. You cannot have the true colors of life.



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